Jimi Robinette

Lead Vocals / Percussion 

Growing up in South Florida, Jimi has toured and played with many acts throughout his career. Ever since he was a teenager, he had a love for Southern blues rock ‘n’ roll. Jimi’s passion for his craft energizes a crowd, and he has the soul and feel to authentically reproduce the live music of The Allman Brothers.



Greg Smolla
Guitars / Backing Vocals


Greg Smolla is a Chicago born and raised southern rock slide and lead guitar player.  Greg played in multiple blues and rock bands while living in Chicago, including backing up Ronnie Baker Brooks, playing with Texas Flood, Pride & Joy (SRV tribute)  and Skywalker (all original act).  Greg moved to South East Florida in 1999, and has played the blues and rock circuits in SE Florida for the past 20 years in numerous bands, including a three year stint with blues band Nick Trill and the Thrill-seekers and a host of cover bands.  Greg’s primary forte is blues/rock style slide guitar, heavily based on elements taken from Duane Allman and Derek Trucks. 

Tom Hall
Guitars / Backing Vocals


It was The Beatles in the 60’s that lead Tommy to a life of music starting with learning the piano at age 7 and the guitar at age 10. At 15, it was Frampton Comes Alive that motivated him to work hard at lead guitar. At 16, he spent summer days going to the beach with his older sister who only had two 8 tracks in her car: The Allman Brothers “Eat a Peach” and “Live at the Filmore East.” Duane’s and Dicky’s guitar work became deeply ingrained influences in Tommy’s guitar style ever since. Even though Tommy has gone on to play guitar with touring national acts like Foghat and South Florida’s MNG Band, forming and being a part of Southbound Hwy 41 truly fulfills a lifelong dream for this guitarist.

Richie Vega
Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals


Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Richie moved to Miami in the mid-90’s to pursue his musical interests. Being primarily self-taught on bass, he learned to play by listening to radio & classic recordings of the 70’s & 80’s. He has regularly worked with many local acts & artists, and currently enjoys performing outdoors during torrential downpours in the sweltering South Florida heat with the Mr. Nice Guy band. Other hobbies include motorcycles, nada yoga & enjoying fine Indian cuisine.

Dave Webster
Drums / Percussion

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Dave started playing drums at 10 years old.  Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, Dave’s influences were the drummers of The Beatles, Vanilla Fudge, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, basically everybody. At 14 he was in a band with two guitar players who were huge Allman Brothers fans. The band played practically the entire Live at Fillmore East album, so he was exposed to the eclectic influence of their music at a young age. 


For the last 17 years, Dave has been a member of the Mr. Nice Guy Band, one of the most popular classic rock bands in the South Florida area. They have opened up for ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad, The Guess Who, The Family Stone, Eddie Money, and many others. 

John Quinn
Keyboards / Guitar


Having seen an Allman Brothers concert in his hometown of New Haven Connecticut in the late 60’s, John became a life long fan. In the late 70’s John’s ex band mate Jim Essery was fortunate enough to get hired on with ABB to play harmonica. John was in NYC performing at CBGBs when Jim called and invited him to a show at Madison Square Gardens. He went to the show in style with the band in their personal limousine and watched the show on the side of the stage, an experience of a lifetime. 

John ultimately landed in Florida and began playing with guitarist Tom Hall. Their band went on to tour Europe and Asia for the USO. He then joined The Livesays which led to becoming a member of the Clarence Clemens Band- the big man with Bruce Springsteen. 

For the past 15 years John has been with Mr Nice Guy Band who make up approximately 57% of Southbound Hwy 41.

Rick “Rico” Geragi

Rico derives cathartic pleasure from making pleasant but exciting sounds while beating on things. He grew up on the Northside of Pittsburgh, attended Ohio University where he formed a 9 piece progressive rock band and headed to Los Angeles, CA to become a touring recording musician. After a few years in LA he landed a record deal on MCA Records and his touring recording career began. His creative percussive musical style led him to touring or sharing the stage in various musical situations with such artists as Carole King, Delaney Bramlett, Robby Neville, The Brothers Johnson, Lani Hall, and Michael McDonald to name a few. He switched coasts and now resides in South Florida where he is engaged in continuing to be a grooving percussive force in the many musical styles and groups he performs with.

Dave Webster and Tom Hall have been playing music together since New Year’s Eve of 1994. In 2002 they formed what has become one of South Florida’s favorite classic rock bands – Mr Nice Guy. John Quinn joined MNG in ’04 and Richie Vega in 2015.

 When tribute bands started becoming”a thing”, Dave and Tom agreed: ABSOLUTELY NO TRIBUTES unless they found the right people to play the music of The Allman Brothers Band.

In April of 2019 Tom was doing audio production for a three day music festival in Miami Springs. On the middle of day two a band called Southern Blood was performing. There was a buzz around South Florida about Jimi Robinette’s new Southern Rock band. Richie and Tom were hearing them for their first time and Tom was mixing the sound. The band opened with Statesboro Blues. Greg Smolla played Duane’s opening slide part effortlessly and Jimi came in on the vocals with the same blues influenced style as Gregg Allman. The band went on to play another four or five ABB songs in their set as Richie and Tom talked about what if…A couple of weeks later Tom called Jimi to see if he and Greg would be interested in trying an Allman Brothers project. It took them all of two minutes to say yes. Then the call was made to Rico because that’s what you do in South Florida when you want the best percussionist around.

Later that month at the first rehearsal, the magic happened. Every real musician knows what that is and how rare it can be. 50 years after Duane, Gregg, Berry, Dickey, Jaimoe and Butch had the same feeling at their first rehearsal, these seven guys were looking around the room, seeing the joy on each other’s faces as they played the music they all love.